Trading Cardio for Cosmos GLOW New Jersey

Trading Cardio for Cosmos GLOW New Jersey

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Saturday, January 20, 2018


GLOW New Jersey is an opportunity to learn, grow and support one another to achieve their wellness goals.

GLOW goes beyond traditional weight loss programs, and speaks to the WHY of weight loss, emotional wellness and how we can finally stop trying to be perfect, and recognize, we are enough.

GLOW is hosted by Trading Cardio for Cosmos Founder Alexis Eggleton. Alexis knows what it takes to get on track and get healthy, having lost more than -95lbs AND kept it off! You may have seen her on Good Morning America, in the New York Post,, Weight Watchers magazine or as a featured blogger on Organize Yourself Skinny. Through GLOW, Alexis is taking all she's learned about changing her life from the inside out, and offering it to you as the inspiration, practical advice and support you can use to achieve your own goals!

GLOW New Jersey is available as a Day Pass only. 

The Schedule: 

Saturday, January 20th:

9:00am: Registration and Continental Breakfast Opens

10:00am: GLOW Opening Session: This is What You Came For! Let's Set Some Intentions!

10:30am: Diary of a 100Lb Weight Loss

11:30am: Emotional Triggers and Coping Mechanism

12:00pm: When It (Life) Doesn’t Go As Planned - How to Get Back on Track

12:30pm: Gourmet Lunch and "What to Eat, When to Eat and How to Eat What You Love and Lose Weight!"

1:30pm: The Importance of Self-Care (Hint: It’s Not As Selfish As You Think)

2:00pm: Pinterest Fails - Dispelling the Myth of Perfection

2:45pm: Afternoon Break

3:00pm: Vision Boarding, Goal Setting and Taking the GLOW Home

4:00pm: You. Are. Enough.

4:30pm: Live Q&A, “Now What?” and Closing for Day Pass Guests

5:00pm: GLOW Closes


Registration Information

GLOW is a private, invitation-only event. Location TBD.

TCFC requires 10 paid registrations by Saturday, January 6, 2018 in order to host the event.


  • $97  Saturday Day Pass
  • If 15+ people register, you will be refunded $10, for a total cost of $87 per day pass


About the Seminar

TCFC GLOW for Your Goal Seminar is an event to get together and focus in on your healthy weight loss journey! Whether you are at the start of your weight loss journey; need a reboot to re-center, refocus, and recommit; or just need some extra motivation to lose those last 10 pounds and maintain it; this is the place you need to be! You will leave TCFC GLOW for Your Goal Seminar feeling inspired, with practical guidance for daily food preparation, exercise planning, and how to handle stress and emotional eating. You'll also leave as part of the Trading Cardio for Cosmos community - where you can find the day-to-day motivation you need to live your happiest, healthiest life yet!

Trading Cardio for Cosmos is about showing you how everyday people can lose weight and keep it off. Our seminar will be led by our founder, Alexis Eggleton. Two years ago Alexis woke up 280lbs and physically and emotionally drained. She setout to take back the life she wanted, lose weight, and feel healthy. Since that day Alexis has lost 95+lbs and along the way changed her life forever.

Alexis started Trading Cardio for Cosmos to embrace positive and uplifting change. Trading Cardio for Cosmos is a popular weight loss and wellness movement that is built on the idea that moderation is key, exercise is good and cosmos are delicious! Every day we bring you positive, uplifting messages, yummy recipes, food finds and a healthy dose of sass. The TCFC community is passionate about losing weight but also about supporting one other through the journey. At the TCFC GLOW for Your Goal Seminar, Alexis will bring these lessons and experiences directly to you.

Alexis has provided counsel and private coaching to clients on a limited basis, and has taught hundreds via online classes. Students and clients truly appreciate the support and value she brings. Now we are excited to bring this experience to a larger group!

No refunds will be issued after January 7, 2018. No exchanges. Transfer of passes available if email is received by no later than January 13, 2018.