October Online Coaching Program

October Online Coaching Program

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TCFC is a popular weight loss and wellness blog built on the idea that moderation is key, exercise is good and cosmos are delicious! Every day we bring you positive, uplifting messages, yummy recipes, food finds and a healthy dose of sass!

This class is open October 1-31, 2017.

The Fall Class series all include:

  • Three, 30 minute audio classes emailed each month to you on a range of weight loss and health topics.
  • Weekly emails full of resources designed to help you eat healthy, move your booty and feel GOOD about yourself at every stage in your journey .
  • Three, Facebook Live Q&A Classes each month.
  • A Facebook Group for September.

You’ll also have access to replays from the live Facebook chats in case you can’t tune in!

  • Access to a private, Closed Coaching Facebook Group.

Here you’ll find continued motivation and behind-the-scenes tips from the TCFC team, as well as hundreds of program participants from across the globe!

  • Insider exclusives only for coaching group members! 

Trading Cardio for Cosmos is proud to announce two more Eggletons will lend their experiences and expertise for the TCFC Fall Online Wellness Classes!

Shelley, affectionately referred to as "Momma Shelley" by TCFC readers will lend her own weight loss experience to the classes, as someone who knows all about losing weight while raising a active family while climbing the corporate ladder. She'll also lend special expertise about weight loss for women over 50 (Not that we're saying she's 50 or anything!)!

David, also known as Alexis' "Lil Brother" is a licensed Physical Education and Health teacher, and he'll be contributing weekly health and workout videos designed for easy at-home implementation for students of all abilities!

And of course, TCFC founder Alexis Eggleton knows what it takes to get on track and get healthy, having lost more than -100lbs AND kept it off! You may have seen her in the New York Post, Weight Watchers magazine or as a featured blogger on Organize Yourself Skinny.

Together with her family, she's taking all she's learned and offering a three-month course designed to provide you the inspiration, practical advice and support to achieve your goals!

October Class topics include:

*“Conquering the Grocery Store” with Guest Speaker Catherine Hojnowski

*Cooking Healthy in Cold Weather

*Family Drama, Communication and How to Avoid Emotional Eating

*And MUCH more!


The Nitty Gritty Details:

Classes will be offered on the following schedule:

(Please note this schedule is more in depth than Summer Slim Down Series, but is also flexible to do it on your own time.)


-Saturday, October 7th – 30 minute Audio Class 

-Wednesday, October 11th - Facebook Live Class at 8pm EST

-Saturday, October 14th – 30 minute Audio Class 

-Wednesday, October 18th – Facebook Live Class at 8pm EST

-Saturday, October 21st – 30 minute Audio Class 

-Wednesday, October 25th – Facebook Live Class at 8pm EST


How It Works:

Audio Classes: You will be emailed a link to the coaching audio class, according to the schedule above. This mp3 recording is yours to download, keep and listen to as often as you’d like!

Facebook Live Class: You will have the opportunity to submit questions for Alexis to answer about the class information, challenges or your own weight loss journey. Alexis will open a Facebook Live Chat, according to the schedule above, to answer your questions and share her inspiration and insights! Can’t tune in? No worries – the Facebook Live video will also be available for you to access later if that time doesn’t work for you!  

BONUS: As a bonus, every week you’ll receive an email full of additional resources, recipes and tips to help you stay focused and motivated!


Cost: EARLY BIRD PRICING Available through October 6th!

This class series is being offered to you at an incredible value! These 3 audio and live classes, weekly resource emails and additional resources are valued at $125, but are available to you now through October 6th for just $37

Regular Pricing:

October Registration after October 7th is just $47.

Because these classes and resources are available on-demand, there are no refunds or exchanges available.  Please make sure you are purchasing the correct class prior to registration.

Want to give the TCFC online classes to a friend or family member as a gift? Email us at tradingcardioforcosmos@gmail.com and we’re be thrilled to help!


See what others are saying about Trading Cardio for Cosmos:

Alexis has provided counsel and private coaching to clients on a limited basis, and clients truly appreciate the support and value she brings to their weight loss journeys:

“I found Trading Cardio for Cosmos by accident through Weight Watchers. I started following her on Facebook and have found encouragement on challenging days, meals that I can easily cook through her Friday Recipe Round Up and I feel like I've found a friend. She's got great tips and tricks featured on her blog and I love testimonials that she features on Tuesdays. I've gotten a lot of ideas from the community that help me on my weight loss journey.” –Becky

"Alexis' makes sure that my day starts in the right mode (thanks to time difference). I “Never Miss a Monday” and I get inspired to notice all of my non-scale victories. If I get off track she shows how to bounce back by adapting real food recipes to a grown up life style. She as made getting excercise feel  as natural as brushing my teeth and she truly inspires me to be a fitter version of the real me." – Lena

“I am so happy to be part of the TCFC community. I love that Alexis is so real and reassures us that not every day will be perfect and if you mess up, you just dust yourself and get back on track. I have learned it is important to "move our booties" as much as we can. I learn about so many different foods and fantastic recipes as well as links to other people on our same journey.” – Gina

 “I've been on a get healthy, weight loss journey for just over a year now and have proudly lost 60 pounds. Very early in my journey, I was lucky enough to come across Trading Cardio for Cosmos and read about Alexis' amazing transformation. I immediately felt an extreme connection with her. Alexis' overwhelming positivity, her solutions on how to get through her busy days and stay on track, and her daily exercise goals kept me going to reach my goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alexis to anyone looking to improve their life, body or health. I can't thank you enough, Alexis.” – Julie