Join the Trading Cardio for Cosmos Tribe! (1 Month Option)

Join the Trading Cardio for Cosmos Tribe! (1 Month Option)

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Join the Trading Cardio for Cosmos Tribe!

 Weight loss is hard, but it’s so much better with your Tribe. We invite you to join the Trading Cardio for Cosmos Tribe for our Fall Weight Loss & Wellness group. We’re kicking off on Monday, September 3rd – just in time for back to school!

Led by TCFC Founder Alexis Eggleton, this group gives you tons of motivation, support, and encouragement – and added tools to help you succeed!

This "Sweating for Summer" Challenge is hosted by Trading Cardio for Cosmos Founder Alexis Eggleton. You may know Alexis from Good Morning America, her feature in the NY Post, Weight Watchers magazine and on, or in the Winter 2018 Weight Watchers radio ads with Ryan Seacrest! Alexis is someone who has truly lived her weight loss journey, and having lost over -100lbs and cruising towards her own personal goals.

Over this three-month challenge you will receive:

  • Ten weekly audio classes from Alexis and a host of guest speakers and experts! We’ll have weight loss success stories, expert content from personal chefs, personal trainers and MUCH more! Alexis will also provide classes based on what YOU want to talk about, and she'll also share all she’s learned in her experiences! These 30 min audio classes are delivered as downloadable mp3 files, and are yours to keep!
  • Ten weekly emails full of recipes and resources to help keep you on track! Alexis and the experts share their favorite recipes, seasonal foods, inspiring stories and more!
  • Ten weekly Facebook Live Classes! These are a great opportunity to ask questions, get support and be inspired! Replays are always available if you can’t watch in person!
  • Access to a private Facebook group. This group is only accessible by to the Tribe, so you can feel comfortable sharing inspiration, encouragement, and get the support you need, too!
  • Insider exclusive available only to participants!

Weight loss isn't the same for everybody or every body, so participants in this challenge embrace all kind of sustainable weight loss programs - calorie counting, Weight Watchers, Paleo, clean eating - whatever works for them!

This Fall group is designed to help keep you focused, motivated and EXCITED about achieving your weight loss goals! 


The Nitty Gritty Details:

Classes will be offered on the following schedule:

-Sunday,  September 9 – Audio Class

-Tuesday, September 11 – Facebook Live Class at 9pm

-Sunday, September 16 – Audio Class

-Wednesday, September 19 – Facebook Live Class at 9pm

-Sunday, September 23 – Audio Class

-Wednesday, September 26 – Facebook Live Class at 9pm


-Sunday, October 7 – Audio Class

-Wednesday, October 10  – Facebook Live Class at 9pm

-Sunday, October 14 – Audio Class

-Wednesday, October 17 – Facebook Live Class at 9pm

-Sunday, October 21 – Audio Class

-Wednesday, October 24 – Facebook Live Class at 9pm


-Sunday, November 4 – Audio Class

-Wednesday, November 7 – Facebook Live Class at 9pm

-Sunday, November 11 – Audio Class

-Wednesday, November 14 – Facebook Live Class at 9pm

-Sunday, November 18 – Audio Class

-Wednesday, November 21 – Facebook Live Class at 9pm

-Sunday, November 25 – Audio Class

-Wednesday, November 28 – Facebook Live Class at 9pm

How It Works:
Audio Classes: You will be emailed a link to the coaching audio class, according to the schedule above. This mp3 recording is yours to download, keep and listen to as often as you’d like!

Facebook Live Class: You will have the opportunity to submit questions for Alexis to answer about the class information, challenges or your own weight loss journey. Alexis will open a Facebook Live Chat, according to the schedule above, to answer your questions and share her inspiration and insights! Can’t tune in? No worries – the Facebook Live video will also be available for you to access later if that time doesn’t work for you!

BONUS: As a bonus, every weekend you’ll receive an email full of additional resources, recipes and tips to help you stay focused and motivated!


EARLY BIRD PRICING Available through September 1st!

This class series is being offered to you at an incredible value! These 10 audio and live classes, weekly challenges, weekly resource emails and additional resources are valued at $350, but are available to you for just $117!

If you would prefer a pay-as-you-go monthly option, your cost will be $44 per month. 

Because these classes and resources are available on-demand, there are no refunds or exchanges available.  Please make sure you are purchasing the correct class prior to registration.

Want to give the TCFC online classes to a friend or family member as a gift? Email us at and we’re be thrilled to help!