Meet Our Founder: Alexis Eggleton!

Alexis Eggleton is the creator and author of the nationally-recognized blog, Trading Cardio for Cosmos.

Trading Cardio for Cosmos is where Alexis shares positive and inspirational messages, lessons in emotional wellness, healthy recipes and also features weight loss success stories, including her own! Alexis has lost more than -100lbs with Weight Watchers and exercise, without losing her sunny disposition!

After only two years of operation, Alexis and her blog have more than 33,000 Facebook fans and 16,000 Instagram followers, and get nearly 450,000 impressions each week. 

You may know Alexis from Good Morning America, her feature in the NY Post, Weight Watchers magazine and on, or in the Winter 2018 Weight Watchers radio ads with Ryan Seacrest! Alexis is someone who has truly lived her weight loss journey, and having lost over -100lbs and cruising towards her own personal goals.

In her free time, Alexis loves to bike, hike or exercise in any way, cook and create recipes and of course, blog! She lives in Orange County, NY with her Mr. Big and spends weekends with her family in “Trout Town, USA!”

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